The new single “The Art Of Seduction” is No 1.

The single was released in February 2020 and got No 1 the first week on XRP Radio in the UK.

The new music video “You’re So Cruel” will be release on January 25th.

The new music is Eddy Gabriel’s first music video using special effects. It’s a story about an electric guitar whic is found by Eddy and that gives him special power such as laser vision, super speed and the power to fly.

The new single “You’re So Cruel” was released on the radio.

The new single was relesed on radios in USA, UK and Australia. Eddy released this single and for first time in a radio from Australia, the single is on Valley FM 89.5.

The new album “Born To Rock” is now available.

Eddy just released a new album. “Born To Rock” has 12 songs in English. It took a year to produced this album. Also the new single “Here Without You” is on the radio.

Claritin Commercial.

Eddy Gabriel was the main actor in the TV commercial for Claritin. He played the role of a soccer player. The commercial will be broadcasted in various TV channels in the United States.

Eddy Gabriel just filmed his new music video.

Eddy Gabriel just filmed his new music video “Un Poco De Rock” which will be his new single in Spanish.


The new music video “Rock & Roll Is What I Love” will be released on VEVO on July 29th.

On July 29th you can watch the new music video on VEVO and subscribe on the new Eddy Gabriel’s Vevo channel.

Vevo promo

The new album “Eddy Gabriel” is now available on digital stores.

Now you can buy the new album on digital stores or just listen to the album on the streaming apps.

Rock & Roll Is What I Love is in the top 10 America’s best songs.

Rock & Roll Is What I Love is in the top 10 America’s best songs on XRP Radio in June. People began to like this song very much.

Eddy Gabriel starts filming a new music video.

Eddy Gabriel is making a new music video “Rock & Roll Is What I Love” they started shooting the video in Antigua Guatemala, we’ll have more information about the day of release soon.


The new album “Eddy Gabriel” will be available on Apple’s new streaming app on June 30th.

The new album will be available on June 30th the same day that Apple launches the new streaming app. Apple users will need to update their iPhones, iPod touch 5th generation and iPads to iOS 8.4 on June 30th to have the app with 3 month for free, after that they’ll have to pay $9.99 per month. Starting June 30th you can listent to the new album on that app.


The new single “Rock & Roll Is What I Love” was released in USA.

The new single was released on June 15th on Punk Rock Demonstration that is an independent Radio in Diamond Bar California. The single was already released on XRP radio in the UK on June 2nd. You can listen to Punk Rock radio on line at and you can request my song at (209)-980-7865

The new Album “Eddy Gabriel” will be available on digital stores on June 30th 2015.

The new álbum will be available on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon music and other stores. You can also choose the streaming option on apps such as Spotify, Deezer and more. It will be available on iHeart radio too. The album has 6 song in Spanish and 6 in English and it is almost an autobiography. You can download the whole album for $9.99 or your favorite song for only $0.99.

Eddy Gabriel releases a new single on the radio.

You can hear the new single “Rock N Roll Is What I Love” starting June 2nd on XRP Radio. You can support the new single and listen to it on

Eddy Gabriel recorded a new song “Midnight Girl”

Eddy Gabriel recorded a new song for the album “Midnight Girl” which will be the track 12 on the new album. It has a great sax solo at the end and is power ballad.

The new single “Hannah” has been on the top 40 XRP Radio charts for more than 3 months.

Hannah has been on the top 40 for more than 3 months, thanks to all the people who have voted. You can vote on