He was born  in Antigua Guatemala. He wanted to be a musician since he was a little kid. He discovered the electric guitar when he was 5 when he listened to Chuck Berry and his song Johnny B Goode. He started with guitar lessons when he was 9 given by his father. He took drums lessons. When he was 11 he began to play the drums in a Christian church where his family used to attend. They used to play every weekend at the church and sometimes in weddings. He wanted to play the electric guitar but they needed a drummer. He played there until 1998, and then he decided to play football soccer.

He began playing in Antigua’s teen team called Antigua G.F.C for players who wanted to become professionals. He played there until 2001 when he could realize that he wanted to be a musician the rest of his life. In 2002 he continued with guitar lessons. In 2003 he started with piano lessons and he also continued with drums lessons with an English teacher graduated in London’s music academy. In 2004 he continued with guitar and piano lessons and he also participated in singing contests being always in the top 3. In 2005 he studied music composing. In 2006 he studied performing arts (singing and acting) in one of the best composers and record producers’ academy in Guatemala. In 2007 and 2008 he was studying electric guitar by himself, he studied the style of great guitarists in the world such as Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Angus Young, Chuck Berry, Slash, Mark Knopfler and others.

In 2009 he recorded his first original song in Spanish called “Dejar de amarte” (Stop loving you) with one of the best drummers in Guatemala Vinnie Perez who has recorded more than 30 albums with different artists and opened concerts for Metallica and Korn. In 2010 he recorded his first solo album with songs written and composed by himself. Eddy recorded vocals, piano, acoustic and electric guitar. Vinnie Perez recorded drums, Ariel Ortiz sax and Lissandro and Gerson de Mata recorded bass guitar. In that year he released his first single on the radio in Guatemala and he filmed his first music video with one of the best actresses in Guatemala Andrea Ayala who has made 6 movies, T.V commercials and T.V series. In the following years he didn’t do anything in music due to personal issues. In 2014 he had the chance to release a new single in English “Hannah” on XRP Radio and in 2015 the single was in the top 40 for more than 3 months. Also in 2015 he went back to the studio to record new songs in English.

In 2015 Eddy released his firs album “Eddy Gabriel” and a new single called “Rock & Roll Is What I Love” which was in the first places on XRP Radio. He got his first sales in the UK on iTunes and he released 3 music videos on VEVO. In 2016 he made a commercial for Claritin and started his own recording studio at home and began producing a new album. In 2017 Eddy released a new single called “Rock & Roll Ain’t Gonna Die” and got the first places on XRP Radio. In September 2017 Eddy released a new single “Here Without You” and a his second album “Born To Rock”.In 2018 Eddy released the single “You’re So Cruel” not only in USA and UK, he releases the single in Australia for first time in Valley FM 89.5. He also realesed the single “Touching Too Much” No 12 in the to 25 in Valley FM and “The Skinny Girl Blues” No 18 in the top in Valley FM.